Auto Detailing

Show Your Dirty Car Some Much-Needed TLC

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Does your car's interior look like a pigsty? If your seats are stained and your floors are covered in dirt and junk, reach out to Tri City Car Wash & Detailing Centers, Inc. for help. We provide professional auto detailing services in Rochester, NH. Our team will clean your car's interior thoroughly, including the seats, carpets, door panels and mats. We can clean leather and vinyl interiors.

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When should you get car detailing services?

When should you get car detailing services?

There are many situations where car detailing services can benefit you in Rochester, NH. Consider scheduling an appointment if...

  • You're due to take your leased car back to the dealership
  • You're planning to get a routine car inspection
  • You're trying to sell your car on your own or trade it in

You can count on us to get your vehicle back to its original showroom shine. Contact us today to arrange for car detailing services.

Individual Services Available

Express Interior - $85.00

Seats, carpets, door panels & mats
Leather & vinyl cleaned & dressed

Express Hand Wax - $85.00

Full Service Car Wash
Hand Applied Liquid Wax
Armor All tires

3 Step Mirror Glaze - $120.00

* Black and Dark Color Cars - $125.00



Full Service Car Wash
Vacuuming, Shampooing, Dressing, including Mats Doors and Door Jams
Windows, Trunk Detail and Interior deodorizing
Interior Deodorizing, Dressing of Vinyl and Leather

V.I.P. Total Car Detail - $185.00

Full Service Car Wash
Includes Complete Interior, Full Wash, Handwax with Polymer Sealant
Tires & Rims Cleaned and Polished, Wheel wells cleaned and painted
Compounding & Polishing and Dressing to Tires, Bumpers and Moldings

The Deluxe Detail - $225.00

Full Service Car Wash
The Complete Interior Detail
The V.I.P. Total Car Detail
3 Step Mirror Glaze
Clean, Polish, Buff by Machine and Wax

*** All above pricing is for most cars. Clay bar, pine pitch removal, pet hair, smoker's cars, oversized vehicles, and mini-vans are $20 extra, MINIMUM. *** Exact pricing will be determined after the car has been viewed, and all prices are subject to change. ** Disclaimer: Tri-City Car Wash and Detailing are not responsible for items left in vehicles. Please remember to take out all valuables.