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Spring Boat Speical

Well its that time of year again, the time to get the boat unwrapped and ready for the water. We here at Tri-City would love to do that for you. Please take a look below and see what we have to offer. Or better yet come one down for a Car Wash and we can chat about your boat needs.

Our staff is trained to help our customers choose the right services for their circumstances, so you can be assured that you would only be advised to select the services you actually need.

** Pricing starts at $15-$18 per foot

Get Your Boat Ready for the Water!!!

Unwrap - Express - $75.00
  • Remove Cover or Shrink Wrap
  • Full Exterior Wash of Boat and Trailer

Get Your Boat Ready - Package 1  - starting at $120.00

Full Service Car Wash
Remove Shrink Wrap or Cover and Wash
Prep Trailer and Boat
Clean Wheels and Dress Trailer Tires

Get Your Boat Ready - Package 2 - starting at 200.00

Includes Package 1
Windows Cleaned
Vacuumed and Handwaxed